Entering the Blogosphere

Well, hello there, welcome to my blog!  Over the past few years I’ve become an avid blog reader, and spend time daily catching up with all my favorites or discovering new ones to bookmark.  I’ve never considered myself to be a writer or ever considered writing a blog myself until one day during my daily perusing I discovered a blogging e-course called Blogging Your Way co-taught by Holly Becker from decor8 and Leslie Shewring of A Creative Mint.  It sounded so interesting, I thought ‘Hey I’d like to take this course and maybe … even start a blog?!?’  So I registered and got my log-in information and read all the lessons, and listened to the podcasts, and watched the videos and took notes, and read what other people in the class were doing, and looked at their blogs.  I thought of a blog name and what I wanted it to be about about, and I created a WordPress account and set up my blog.  But … I never did my homework, or asked any questions, or posted any comments, or posted anything to my blog for that matter.  I just watched and listened to what other people were doing.  While I learned a lot from the lessons and was inspired by all the creativity I realized that I was doing what I always do, living life from the sidelines.

So now it’s been two months since I set up the blog and I am writing my first post! The beginning of a new year seems like the perfect time to take on something new and step out of my comfort zone.

I Want to Live Here, is a blog about where I want to be physically, spiritually, and mentally. What does that mean?!?  Well, it means I will share about where I actually live and my progress in decorating my apartment to create a beautiful and comfortable home, as well as DIY projects, and other inspirational design.  But it also means that I will share where ‘I want to live’ in other aspects like my physical body and my journey to better health and nutrition, or where I want to live mentally and spiritually by learning to combat the demons in my head and come to peace with the adventure that life is.  Here’s me saying hello!

So, I hope to see you around here more as I start this new adventure!

2 thoughts on “Entering the Blogosphere

  1. Well,it’s been been so long now
    But it seems now, that it was only yesterday
    Gee, ain’t it funny how time slips away?

    Your blog sounds very exciting

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