Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’m wishing everyone a very happy Valentine’s Day!!!  I know a lot of people dread Valentine’s Day because of the pressure of creating the most romantic night ever and not being able to get into the restaurant that you want or the reminder of being alone or just the feeling that it’s more about Hallmark than any true sentiment, but I love it!  To me it’s not about those things, it’s about getting crafty and hearts and pink.  What’s not to love about that?!

Picture from Martha Stewart

I love picking out colored paper and gluing paper heart doilies or adding stickers, and lately I have been really been getting addicted to Japanese Washi tape.  Like in the picture above, sitting down with friends and making cards is a great way to get inspired by others and to just spend time together.  I get nostalgic for being a kid and making Valentine’s for my classmates and decorating a shoe box to collect all the Valentine’s from my classmates.  I remember I used to deliberate as I picked (from a store bought pack) the card that I thought was the best to go in the card box of whatever boy I had a crush on that year.

Plus, who doesn’t love collecting the mail and finding something other than a bill or junk mail?!  Here’s a cute video from etsy where a very intricate message is being cut from paper (expand to full screen to get the full effect).

Lots of hugs and kisses to you on this Valentine’s Day!!! xoxo …

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