Flowers for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and I’d like to share with you a beautiful and cost-effective way to tell your Mother, Grandmother, or any mother in your life that you love and appreciate her.  Make a flower arrangement just for her!  Flowers are a classic gift and always a treasure to receive, and going to a florist can get pricey.  Plus I think there is something special about a handmade gift.  To keep your cost down I recommend picking up some flowers at your corner bodega or local grocery store.  They’re usually very reasonably priced so pick a few bunches, maybe all in a similar color story or all pastels or all brights, whatever inspires you or is a favorite color of the recipient you have in mind.

Next pick the container that you want to use.  You can use a traditional vase, or even a simple jar like a Mason jar or re-used jam jar, or get creative and use a tea cup or a decorative tin, again whatever inspires you.  Next go through your flowers and see what you will use, taking out any wilting flowers or filler that you don’t like.  The first step is to add room temperature water to your container and fill it with a filler flower.  Flowers are self sealing, so when you cut the flowers you want to cut the stems at an angle and get them into the water as quickly as possible.  Cutting at an angle allows the flower to drink the water it needs to stay fresh and last longer.  This first step in creating the arrangement is called creating the base.  You can see my base in the picture above.  I referenced the new book from Design*Sponge for my arrangements.  They have a whole chapter titled ‘Flower Workshop,’ where you can get all kinds of ideas and inspiration.

Next, add a focal flower like peonies or roses.  Something dramatic that will make your arrangement pop.  I added tulips.  Finally, add some taller flowers to give your arrangement some height and some more filler for texture.  Voila!  You have a beautiful flower arrangement.

You may have enough flowers to create several arrangements!  Here’s another one that I made using bodega flowers.  For both I used a purple color palette and had an English garden look in mind.

Or here’s one that I made with a dramatic focal flower with a little bit of filler for accent.

Or here’s one that I made for my mother while I was recently visiting Austin.  The flowers were cut from her yard.  Of course if you have a garden then by all means get out your clippers and start clipping!  Freshly cut garden flowers are definitely something special to receive.

And if you don’t happen to live in the same city as your mother, then send a card and make a beautiful arrangement just for yourself!

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