Teaism: Gratitude!

Hello there!  Nice to see you.  I’ve been finding it difficult to post on a consistent basis, so I’ve decided to change things up a bit and write simpler posts more often.  I have also decided to add some weekly and monthly columns.  So without further ado, I introduce ‘Teasim’ to you.  A weekly inspiration column.

It may seem a little corny, but I get inspired by the quotes on teabags or the fortunes in fortune cookies.  If I get really moved I tape them up by my desk, into a journal, or stick them on my fridge with a magnet – basically put them in a place where I can see them and read them over and over.  My favorite tea bag quotes come from the Yogi brand teas. In this column I will post one inspiring tea quote or fortune cookie fortune and explain what it means to me and ask you to consider what it means to you.

The one in the picture above struck a chord with me because I often spend a lot of time comparing myself to others focusing on what they have that I don’t which just creates feelings of scarcity.  But if I shift my thinking just one little bit to being grateful my whole outlook changes.  I can see that I have many wonderful unique qualities and that my life is full of so many wonderful people and opportunities.  That there is great abundance!  What are you grateful in your life that you haven’t been seeing?