My Mailbox to Your’s

hey there! nice to see you! i am bad at keeping in touch with people, and doing things like calling them and inviting them to do stuff.  of course i then find myself feeling kind of lonely, so this summer i decided to reach out to people.  i am a secret postcard hoarder and one of my favorite things to do is to browse for postcards or cards at bookstores, card shops, or museum stores.  so i thought sending cards would be a perfect marriage between my love of cards and my idea to reach out to people in a fun creative way.  who doesn’t love getting something other than bills or junk in the mail?!  i mean real mail with a cool stamp and handwriting.  it has been really fun to pick them out each week.  i try to keep the person in mind with the image i pick.  i started sending only 1 per week, but then added more each week.   the pictures happened after about the second week.  so far it’s been a great success!  my friends and family have enjoyed receiving them and it’s often ended up that we then make plans to get together or at least exchange email.  watch for pictures from later weeks! xo

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