Sometimes I do Bad Things.

When I first introduced this blog I said that one of the things that I wanted to write about was ‘where I want to live in my body, health, and nutrition.’  To this point there hasn’t been a peep about it here.  I’ve been avoiding it and feel like it’s time to bring it up.  A little over a year ago I had my blood sugar tested, A1c Test.  The results came back that my blood sugar levels were above normal, aka pre-diabetic.  This was not good news, especially since there is  a genetic history of diabetes on my maternal side of the family.  I got really freaked out and felt like I would die if I ate bread, or had sugar, or rice, or potatoes.  I became so disciplined in what I was eating; I cut out sugar, caffeine, meat, alcohol, and wheat.  I met with a nutritionist, joined the local Y.  I lost weight, I felt great.  I went back for a second test, and my A1c numbers were lower and I weighed less.  Yay me!!!  So I decided to relax a little … and it was a slippery slope from there.  Now I feel like I’m starting over again.  This picture is from this past week when I bought a pint of ice cream and ate it.  In one sitting.  Whew!  Right now it feels like a battle between good and evil.  I am looking to get balance.  Watch for both highs and lows.  I bet you can guess which this is?!  xo

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